News from 478 Main – 2023-10-02

Monday, October 2nd, 2023 Dear Friends, It has been quite some time since I have written.  So much has happened since Covid chased us a safe distance from one another.  Since then we have endured so many losses.   It seems as if the only time I hear from anyone these days is during one … [Read more…]

E-Newsletter – September, 2018

“But then, a grateful heart beats in a world of miracles. If I could only speak one prayer for you, my children, it would be that your hearts would not only beat but grow ever greater in gratitude, that your lives, however long they prove to be and no matter how they end, continue to … [Read more…]

E-Newsletter – March 14th, 2018

First Church Unitarian of Athol E-Newsletter – March 14th, 2017 WORSHIP SERVICES In this case, it feels weird to say “no news is good news.” I have begun the solitary practice of lighting my personal chalice Sundays at 10 a.m. (Yes mom, I still call warders to the compass points as well). The Chalice at … [Read more…]

E-Newsletter – February 21st, 2018

First Church Unitarian of Athol E-Newsletter – February 21, 2018 As the weather gets warmer and my cats start going back outside, I’m reminded that Spring is just around the corner and we will be coming back together. Here are some items that arrived recently in our emailbox. Matt Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty … [Read more…]

E-Newsletter – September 6th, 2017

First Church Unitarian of Athol E-Newsletter – September 6th, 2017 (I appear to have forgotten to hit the SEND button!) Worship September 10th – Rev David Farrington will lead our gathering. September 17th – We meet at 10, there will be songs, joys & sorrows, and an unspecified speaker. (stay tuned) September 24th – Rev … [Read more…]

AtholUU – E-Newsletter – May 31, 2017

WORSHIP SERVICES June 4th – Steve Wills’ TED and Response program – Our Second Principle June 11th —  ANNUAL MEETING @  10:00 AM We vote on the Mission Statement at this meeting. June 18th — Athol Historical Society — Celebrating Our Religious History in Athol During the Late 19th Century.  by Rev. Marilyn Richards Rev. … [Read more…]

AtholUU – E-Newsletter – May 24, 2017

WORSHIP SERVICES May 28th –  “Active Hope – Inspiring Solutions”    Rev. Marilyn Richards To quote a progressive columnist of the Daytona Sun News,  Mark Lane: “Pretty much all growth, improvement and progress, both personal and political, comes when one decides better things are possible.”  I will consider how we decide that better things are possible. … [Read more…]

AtholUU – E-Newsletter – May 10, 2017

WORSHIP SERVICES May 14th – “Love, Justice and Peace – the Challenge of Mother/Father’s Day”  – Rev. Richards If you wish, please bring a picture of your Mother and/or Father to our service, to put on the table in the front of the sanctuary. Julia Ward Howe, a well known Unitarian of the mid-19th century, … [Read more…]

Earth Day Celebration

This Sunday, Kathy Richards will lead us in our annual Earth Day Celebration.  Kathy teaches classes on nature and ecology throughout New England when she is not leading us in our greening ways.